Test and measurement is worthless if it is not accurate.

Nobody can afford to take shortcuts along the way to inventing and innovating new products and technologies at the risk of sacrificing reliability and security.

Industry compliance is essential.

Don’t wing it.




You don't need to figure it out by yourself.

Our team of experts takes the guesswork out of navigating long and convoluted regulations and compliance documentation. Brerro will partner with you and your team to ensure your lab is properly set up and compliant with most major industry standards. We offer high quality, low cost, turnkey solutions for defense, telecom, engineering, healthcare, manufacturing, and more:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility/Interference (EMC/EMI) Testing Standards
  • Environmental Testing Standards
  • Mechanical Testing Standards
  • MIL STD 461
  • MIL STD 810
  • DO-160
  • CISPR 25
  • CISPR 32

Save months of your valuable time, and avoid costly missteps by partnering with Brerro Technical.

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